1. Tickets are NOT refundable. 
  2. We require at least 24 hrs notice for rescheduling. 
  3. There is automatically a $20 surcharge for rescheduling and vouchers. 
  4. Tickets are non-transferable. Ticket can only be used by passenger who has his/her name on original ticket.
  5. Tickets are valid ONLY for the scheduled date and time that was purchased. 
  6. Rider Express is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen tickets.
  7. Rider Express is NOT responsible for your late arrival and NO show up. Tickets will be void.
  8. Rider Express is NOT responsible for late arrival in connected services due to circumstances that are not within the company`s control.
  9. Make sure to check your departure station from www.riderexpress.ca for any changes 24 hours before the departure
  10. Wheelchair bookings require 3 days notice prior to departure


  1. One carry-on and 2 luggages is free per passenger. Additional baggage is $20 per baggage.
  2. Maximum 5 baggage is allowed to check in. Total max weight for checked in luggage is 115kg (250lbs) (23 Kg/50lbs per baggage)
  3. Oversized and overweight items are subject to additional charges.
  4. All sports equipment must be properly packed in appropriate bags or boxes.


  1. Federal law does not permit smoking (including vaping and marijuana) in or around any Rider Express Transportation buses and offices.
  2. Passengers should be at the origin stop 15 minutes prior to departure time.
  3. We have a ZERO tolerance for ILLEGAL DRUGS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE (toward other passengers and staff) and/or any UNRULY BEHAVIOR. This applies to the buses as well as any offices. You will be asked to leave if this rule is not followed. There will be no refunds if one is either asked to get off the bus or not allowed to board.
  4. No animal can be transported on the coaches. However, SERVICE ANIMALS that are trained and registered, will be permitted to travel with the person at no additional charge with the proper paperwork. The animal must have the appropriate documentation, or they WILL NOT be permitted onboard. PLEASE call ahead to make sure your animal is permitted to be onboard. Emotional support animals are not allowed to be onboard.


  1. Government issued photo ID is required at the time of check in.
  2. Service is NOT guaranteed and there may be delay or cancellation caused by different factors (i.e, road closure, mechanical issues or weather). We do our best to provide the service. In instances where the cause of delay is Rider Express`s fault and the delay is more than 5 hours, passengers are awarded vouchers (worth 50% of the ticket value originally purchased excluding any taxes and fees) to be used in their next travel with Rider Express within one year.
  3. Rider Express is NOT responsible for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of delays or cancellations.
  4. We do our best to provide the service. 


  1. The maximum baggage liability is $250.00 per person/ticket.
  2. Rider Express will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to checked luggage in excess of stated maximum liability.
  3. Rider Express does not accept liability for loss of or damage to unchecked baggage carried on board, or items that do not comply with our policies stated above.
  4. Any damage must be reported to Rider Express within 24 hours or claim may be refused.
  5. Lost & Found items found on board our coaches or in one of our offices will be kept for a period of 30 days before being disposed of.


  1. In an effort to protect all luggage stored under the coach, items should be packed or covered in such a way as to not be damaged during transit or not to damage other luggage. It is important that items of a breakable nature (TV’s) or those that contain pointy (ski poles) or greasy (bike chains) parts are secured by a box, suitable covering, or plastic wrap/bags.
  2. Rider Express reserves the right to refuse any baggage that is not packaged securely. All items must be in a suitable container that is not at risk of being damaged or causing damage. Acceptable baggage includes things like suitcases, duffel bags, toolboxes, trunks, storage containers, and securely taped cardboard boxes.
  3. To avoid luggage mix-ups, it is recommended that you place a visible identifier on your stored luggage including a luggage tag with your name, address, and phone number. Rider Express is not responsible for a passenger picking up the wrong piece of luggage.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure your checked luggage is placed in the correct compartment prior to departure. As well, it is your responsibility to remove all personal items brought on to the coach. Rider Express will not be responsible for items left behind on the coach or luggage issues as a result of a change in your arrival point.
  5. Please ensure you clearly advise the representative loading the luggage of your arrival point, to ensure your luggage is placed into the appropriate compartment


  1. Rider Express promotes the safety and security of children through its minor policy. 
  2. Children above the age of 13 (including 13) can travel unaccompanied on Rider Express
  3. All reservations must be made through our phone line at 1-833-583-3636.
  4. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by someone of age 16 or older.   

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