Rider Express Transportation: Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, comfortable, and convenient grounds transportation, logistics, and tour services. We provide unprecedented travel experiences because we deliver top-notch service every time!

Our vehicles are Ford Transit 300 and below its specifications:

Ford’s full-size van is modern both under the hood and behind the wheel, with useful tech to aid us. Good available specs such as high roof height, cargo hauler and comfortable 15 back passenger seats plus 2. Ford Telematics help track your fleet with GPS-based monitoring. Engine is very friendly with environment. The passenger seats are accessed via a very large, single sliding door on the right side. Up front a pair of relaxed-fit bucket seats look out over the sloping snout, affording excellent forward sightness. Similarly, the base of the front windows slope down and provide a better-than-average view of what’s going on in the forward quarters, and the side windows in the wagon versions are generously sized, giving passengers a good look at passing scenery. The standard rearview camera in this vehicle is more than supplementary, it’s essential. That also goes for the exterior warning chime that activates when the driver engages reverse. While you wouldn’t expect a vehicle of this size to be quick on its feet, another behavioural element can be unsettling. With its clipper-ship sail area, the Transit becomes unpleasantly active at freeway speeds, especially in a crosswind or in the wake of large semi trucks, a trait it shares with its competitors.