About Us

Rider Express Transportation: Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, comfortable, and convenient grounds transportation, logistics, and tour services. We provide unprecedented travel experiences because we deliver top-notch service every time!

Launched in 2016 in Saskatchewan, Rider Express continues to expand into new territories. We have started our scheduled service between Vancouver and Calgary in 2018. New routes will be added to our existing network which will help Rider Express connect the people from Vancouver all the way to Winnipeg.

We continuously grow our fleet of buses with newer models. Recently we have added four Prevost buses with 2019 and 2020 models. We are most pleased when we see the smile on our passengers face when receive our services.


*With In Between Towns and Cities

*With In Between Towns and Cities

*With In Between Towns and Cities

*With In Between Towns and Cities

Latest News

Connecting Western Canada!

Rider Express finally managed to connect more cities and towns in Western Canada than any other land transport company. Stretching more than 3000 kms, Rider Express continu...

Overnight Service!

Rider Express now introduced its overnight service between Vancouver and Calgary to suit better to some of our passengers needs. We always listen closely to the feedback co...

Rider Express response to COVID-19

Dear Passengers,

Rider Express gives utmost value to well-being and safety of its passengers and its staff. Like all of...

2020 Consumer Choice Award

Rider Express is awarded 2020 Consumer Choice Award in the category of Bus, Coach and Charters by Consumers and Businesses.