As an introductory promotional pricing, it is all one price per category below regardless of the origin/destination.

The cargo has to be properly packaged.

As a general rule, the sender and receiver has to be present at the stop at the time of bus departure/arrival. (Calgary and Regina stops are exempt from this restriction.)

If receiver does not show at the stop at the scheduled time to receive the shipment, the bus has to continue its course and a surcharge of 15 dollars is applied on the next delivery attempt.

The maximum freight liability is $250.00 per freight. We do not accept freight that has a replacement value of more than $250.

Sender can either make the payment over the phone or to the driver/agent at the stop. We do not accept requests for receiver to make the payment.

To schedule your pick-up please give us a call at 1-833-583-3636

Please find the options below for your shipment. (Prices Include Tax). Cargo of more than 40 kgs will be subject to additional costs as well as other requirements. Please check with the agent over the phone.

Size Options