Dear Passengers,

Rider Express gives utmost value to well-being and safety of its passengers and its staff. Like all of you, we’ve been monitoring the evolving global impact of COVID-19 and are following the communiques announced by Canadian and international health authorities. It’s important that we respond quickly and effectively to developments around the world while maintaining our commitment to serving you safely and reliably.

We continue to have increased level of cleaning and disinfection procedures that are in place in our buses as well as our facilities. Our buses and offices are thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day. On top of this, we also clean the high risk surfaces a few times during the day as operations permit.

We also believe that this crisis requires us to seek collaboration of our passengers as well as our staff. Therefore, in a case of a passenger not feeling well and showing the symptoms of COVID-19, in the best interest of themselves and others they share the environment with, they would rather not travel and report to the health institutions to seek help. For those who has to cancel their trips, Rider Express ensures them that they will be provided vouchers for the full amount of their ticket regardless of the type of their tickets. Additionally, we recommend you phone Health Link811.

We would like to remind our passengers that the driver has the authority to ask passenger to get off the bus if she/he observes suspicious symptoms that would cause uneasiness on board as well as unruly behaviour.

Here are a few other links should you require more information.


Rider Express